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  Center for the Future of Arizona  

June 2016

Success Feels Good Success Stories
  Reach Higher

That’s a Wrap

What a positive and rewarding school year! We’ll keep you posted on plans for upcoming Beat the Odds 2016-2017 school year programming.

Have a wonderful summer.

Reflect, Refine, Reach Higher

Beat the Odds final session of the school year was an opportunity for principals to reflect upon their accomplishments, identify areas for improvement and set sights on a higher level of learning in the upcoming school year.

“Successful schools do things differently,” is the founding principle of Beat the Odds, and the six keys to success were reviewed:
  • Clear Bottom Line – emphasize the achievement of every student in every classroom and take responsibility for that performance. No excuses.

  • Ongoing Assessment – assess student performance early and often. Use information to drive improvement rather than to assign blame.

  • Strong and Steady Principal – leaders are focused on the things that truly improve schools and keep pushing ahead, no matter what the roadblocks.

  • Collaborative Solutions – responsibility for improvement is shared among all, not concentrated at the top.

  • Stick with the Program – magic occurs when the school finds a good program and sticks with it.

  • Built to Suit – customize instruction and intervention to fit the needs of each student. One size does not fit all.
The Purposeful Community Survey
  At successful schools, information constantly drives improvement. At the April meeting, Beat the Odds introduced school principals to the Purposeful Community Survey, a tool to measure Collective Efficacy; Outcomes That Matter to All; Agreed upon Processes; and Use of Available Assets.

Teachers at Beat the Odds schools took the survey, and the Center for the Future of Arizona tallied the results, which were presented to each school principal at the May meeting. In addition to customized data, Beat the Odds mentors provided insights for understanding the results and steps for creating an action plan. It was an opportunity to reflect on the past school year and identify next steps for the future.

Beyond “Leading a Purposeful Community,” the final cohort meeting included discussion and reflection on other areas of leadership – AzMERIT, how to build capacity and building school programs to meet the needs of students.
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